Animal Health


Janmac Stud is committed to ensuring the health & wellbeing of our livestock & to provide you with healthy, sound working rams. We guarantee they are ready & able to work when they leave our property.

These rams are valuable assets & money makers.

Our health management program includes supplementation to minimise nutritional deficiencies, a sound internal & external integrated parasite management program & the implementation of a robust vaccination schedule to aid in disease prevention.

We are proud of our stock health & and many hours of hard work go into presenting our sheep in the best possible condition for our clients.  For further clarification of our health management program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Janmac uses Lambplan data as an important management tool to assist in our breeding decisions whilst retaining our commitment to producing robust & structurally correct sheep.

Our top ram selections in recent years have included several elite, high performance sires.


Our flock is fully vaccinated with the Gudair vaccine & all retained ewes on the property are also vaccinated.


The VIC Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock Scheme allows participants to sell ram accredited free from Ovine Brucellosis.  Working rams are regularly inspected & tested.

The Janmac flock is Brucellosis Accredited Free – (No 2102).


Our stud sheep are treated with Scabiguard at marking &