Breeding Aims


Janmac Studs apply a simple & proven approach to stud breeding. We still value structure, bone & style in sheep & to this we add data & technology.  For over 40 years we have produced well grown, highly muscled rams for our valued clients.

We farm in a diverse & flexible region & our rams have to provide options for a wide range of clients. A large frame & length provide the scope to sell early or take stubble lambs through to extreme weights if required.  As prime lamb producers ourselves we know the type of lambs that provide the greatest returns & can see our genetics in action every day.

We spare no expense in sourcing sires that meet our breeding goals & help improve our stock.  Stud breeding is an ongoing challenge of adding the traits you want to improve without losing your main strengths, easier said than done sometimes!  As technology evolves we are seeing exciting developments in sheep breeding & we intend embrace these as we require.

The core drivers of profit for commercial farms are still rapid growth & yield and this combined with improved pastures is still the system that works.  In busy times is important to focus on the things we can control, purchasing quality livestock is the best investment any farmer can make & always pays off.

With a huge range of options now available in sheep breeds we feel it important to find the breed or system that suits your own area or business style; the animals you enjoy farming most will be the ones you give the best returns on investment.

We are as passionate about sheep breeding now as we were in the early years & the future is exciting. The current times for mixed farms are very profitable & we look forward to being an important part of this industry for many years to come.

We are open &  honest about our stock & their potential & welcome inspection at any time. The satisfaction of breeding quality stock is matched only by many lifetime friendships made along the way.