Win-win all round at Janmac.

Win-win all round at Janmac.

JANMAC Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs achieved their second-best sale results at their 11th annual ram sale at Goroke, Vic, on Wednesday.

The Hausler family were rewarded for their top quality presentation of 170 Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams with a total clearance and $1107 average.

Buyers were also able to select many great-value rams to average-out buying accounts. Eighty-two rams sold in the $700 to $900 range.

Stud sales are never reliable or predictable but Janmac stud principals Grant and Bryce Hausler were extremely pleased to see six of their top Poll Dorset rams go to ram breeding, or stud flocks.

Top price was Janmac 140179, selling at $4100 to Brian Kester, Appleton Park stud, Apsley, Vic.

It was the fifth ram Brian had bought from Janmac over the years and he was impressed by its performance and muscling in combination with its overall correct balance, structure and conformation.

DS & SL Hobbs, Clear Lake, Vic, paid $4000 for Janmac 140156.

The top rams were sons of Newbold 120065, a high-performance ram used through AI. This ram and Kurralea 110011, the $28,000 Australian record-price Poll Dorset when bought by Janmac and Ulandi Park in 2012, have had a big impact on the Janmac flock and proved to be wise investments, going a long way in attracting stud breeders to the sale.

Other rams went at $3000, $3200, $2500 and $2750 to ram-breeding flocks. Six flock ram buyers took 10 or more to put sustained strength in the bidding.

Topping that list was Leigh McGinty, Apsley, who bought 15 Poll Dorsets from $850-$1200 and averaged $1087, following the 14 he bought at Janmac last year at a $957 average.

PR, ME & KP Donaldson, buying through Rodwells Edenhope, Vic, secured 13 Poll Dorsets at a $985 average.

Long-term Janmac client Danny West, Westwood, Edenhope, bought 12 rams in the good-value $700-$800 range. Eight of these were Poll Dorsets and four White Suffolks.

Buying 10 Poll Dorsets each were Damien Merrett, representing KF,ML&PD Merrett, Glendonald, Apsley, paying to $1600, averaging $1390. Steve Di Giorgio, S&R DiGiorgio, Lucindale, paid to $1400, averaging $1090. and P&L Skinner, Ozenkadnook, Vic, averaged $870 for his buys.

Matt Treglown, Poolaijelo, Vic, was new to the Janmac buyers’ list, picking up nine from $900-$1400. Seven of these, four Poll Dorsets and three White Suffolks, were bought account Karinya Farms, while two Poll Dorsets went to JN Treglown.

Another new client making a significant buying impact was Bale Farming, Kaniva, Vic.

Westech Ag Kyle Livestock’s Damian Pearson bought eight for this account, four from each breed and paid $1200-$1800 at a $1425 average. These included the $1800 top price White Suffolk ram.

Other significant buyers included NW&EE Teate, through Landmark Naracoorte, seven Poll Dorsets from $950-$1300. Rich Farming Trust, Goroke, six Poll Dorsets from $850-$900. Ellis Brothers, Goroke, three Poll Dorsets at $1000 and three White Suffolks at $950. Damian Walter, Waverley Farming Trust, Goroke, six Poll Dorsets from $850-$900. AG&LE Brook, Goroke, seven Poll Dorsets at $850. JA&GR Hateley, through Westech Ag Kyle Livestock, six White Suffolks from $850-$900.

Courtesy of Ian Turner, Stock Journal