Part of our commitment is ensuring the health and wellbeing of our livestock to guarantee they are ready and able to work when they reach your property. This includes supplementation to minimise nutritional deficiencies, a sound internal and external integrated parasite management program and the implementation of a robust vaccination schedule to aid in disease prevention.  We are proud of our stock health and many hours of hard work go into presenting them in the best possible conditions, for further clarification of our health management please dont hesitate to contact us.


At Janmac we utilize Lambplan as an important tool, but we are not prepared to sacrifice structure for figures.  Our top ram selections in recent years have included several elite, high performance sires. 


Our flock is fully vaccinated with the Gudair vaccine.  We have conducted the required P.F.R 350 test to enable us to continue to trade into South Australia and have also had the required 500+ sheep abattoir tested as an additional safeguard.  We are proud of our health record and fully stand by all our stock. 


The VIC Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Free Flock Scheme allows participants to sell ram accredited free from Ovine Brucellosis - (No 2102).

Flock accreditation is based on rams being palpated and bled for the laboratory result of negative.


Our Stud sheep are treated with Scabiguard at marking and are fully vaccinated with 6 in 1.  Sale rams are backlined at shearing and drenched with a combination drench before sale.